1978/79, volume 33

Volume 33, 1978/1979(1979)

   PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2nd SYMPOSIUM IVREA-VERBANO, Varallo Sesia (VC), Italy, June 5-10, 1978.

  • RIVALENTI G., 1978 – Guide to the excursion in the Balmuccia zone, Sesia Valley, Ivrea-Verbano complex.
  • STECK A.,1978 – Geological guide to the Testa di Misello region, Finero peridotitic massif, Ivrea zone.
  • KRUHL J.H. and VOLL G., 1978 – Excursion-guide to the Western part of the Finero peridotite-metagabbro-complex of the Ivrea zone (N. Italy).
  • BERTOLANI M. and ROSSI A., 1978 - Guide to the excursion in Sessera Valley (Vercelli, Italy). 
  • BERTOLANI M. and BORIANI A., 1978 – The excursion in the Strona Valley . Petrological section.
  • BIGIOGGERO B., BRIGO L., FERRARIO A., GREGNANIN A., MONTRASIO A. and ZUFFARDI P., 1978 – Strona Valley (Fe-Ni-Cu) and (Fe-Ba) ore deposits: excursion book.
  • PANZA G.F. and MUELLER S., 1978 – The plate boundary between Eurasia and Africa in the Alpine Area.
  • GIESE P., 1978 – Crustal structure of the Ivrea zone within the frame of the alpine crustal structure.
  • CHENOT D., DESVIGNES G. and GUILLAUME A., 1978 – The geoid undulations on Occidental Alps.
  • GUILLAUME A., 1978 – The Ivrea zone and the Chaman fault zone: an attempt of compared tectonophysics.
  • SCHMID R., 1978 – Are the metapelites of the Ivrea-Verbano zone restites?
  • BIGIOGGERO B., BORIANI A., COLOMBO A. and GREGNANIN A., 1978 – The “Diorites” of the Ivrea basic complex (Central Alps, Italy).
  • DE NEGRI G. and TOURET J., 1978 – Fluid inclusions in metapelites from Valle Strona (province of Novara).
  • KRULL J.H. and VOLL G., 1978 – Deformation and metamorphism of the Western Finero complex.
  • GARUTI G. and FRIOLO R., 1978 – Textural features and olivine fabrics of peridotites from the Ivrea-Verbano zone (Italian Western Alps).
  • FORBES W.C., MOTTANA A. and MORTEN L., 1978 – Gigantic mineral patches in the ultramafic rocks of the Finero complex (Central Alps).
  • SHERVAIS J., 1978 – Ultramafic and mafic layers in the Alpine-type Lherzolite massif at Balmuccia, N.W. Italy.
  • GARUTI G., RIVALENTI G., ROSSI A. and SINIGOI S., 1978 – Mineral equilibria as geotectonic indicators in the ultramafics and related rocks of the Ivrea-Verbano basic complex (Italian Western Alps): Pyroxenes and Olivine.
  • RIVALENTI G., GARUTI G., ROSSI A. and SINIGOI S., 1978 – Spinels as petrogenetic indicators in the Ivrea-Verbano basic complex (Italian Western Alps).
  • BECCALUVA L., DAL PIAZ G.V., MACCIOTTA G. and ZEDA O., 1978 – The Austroalpine Harzburgite body of the Artogna Valley (Italian Western Alps).
  • ROST F., WANNEMACHER J. and ANTON J., 1978 – Garnet ultramafitites in the Ivrea zone and other crystalline zones along the Periadriatic Lineament.
  • ALBERTI A. and LONGO-SALVADOR G., 1978 – Observations on the area of the Ivrea-Verbano basic complex between Monte Capio and Valbella Valley.
  • HEILMANN H. and LENSCH G., 1978 – Some results about sulfur isotope distribution of the Ivrea zone.
  • MASTRANGELO F., MATTEUCCI E. and RESTIVO G., 1978 – A contribution to the geochemistry of the Ivrea-Verbano nickel deposits by spark sourge mass spectrometry. First note – problems related to determinations of the platinum metals.
  • NATALE P. and ZUCCHETTI S., 1978 – Remarks on the Fe-Ni-(Cu) deposit of Campello Monti.
  • ABRECHT J., PETERS TJ. and SOMMERAUER J., 1978 – Manganiferous mineral assemblages of Ravinella di Sotto Valle Strona (Italy).
  • SIGHINOLFI G.P. and BERTOLANI M., 1978 – Gold distribution in high-grade metamorphic rocks from the Strona Valley (Italian Western Alps).
  • MORESI M., PAGLIONICO A., PICCARRETA G. and ROTTURA A., 1978 – The deep crust in Calabria (Polia-Copanello Unit): a comparison with the Ivrea-Verbano zone.
  • VAN CALSTEREN P.W.C. and DEN TEX E., 1978 – A mantle plume interpretation for the Variscan basement of Galicia (NW Spain).
  • BORIANI A. and POTENZA R., 1978 - Updated bibliography of the zone Ivrea-Verbano.
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