1996, volume 48

Volume 48, 1996(1996)

  • CADEL G., COSI M., PENNACCHIONI G. and SPALLA M.I., 1996 - A new map of the Permo-Carboniferous cover and Variscan metamorphic basement in the Central Orobic Alps, Southern Alps – Italy: structural and stratigraphical data.
  • AVANZINI M. and BROGLIO LORIGA C. , 1996 - Chaetetid Facies from the uppermost Calcari Grigi of the Southern Alps (Gruppo del Pasubio, Lower Jurassic; Trento, Italy).
  • MELI S., MONTANINI A., THÖNI M. and FRANK W., 1996 - Age of mafic granulite blocks from the External Liguride Units (Northern Apennines, Italy).
  • BENCIOLINI L., 1996 - Eclogitized websterite-rich subcontinental mantle slice in the Austroalpine Mt. Emilius nappe.
  • CAPUTO R. , 1996 - The polyphase tectonics of Eastern Dolomites, Italy.
  • CONTI S. and TOSATTI G., 1996 - Tectonic vs gravitational processes affecting Ligurian and Epiligurian units in the Marecchia valley (Northern Apennines).
  • FAÈ M., 1996 - Lithobiostratigraphy and fossil hominids of the Sangiran-Krikilan area, Java (Yogyakarta, Indonesia).
  • LUCIANI V. & SILVESTRINI A., 1996 - Planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy and paleoclimatology of the Oligocene/Miocene transition from the Monte Brione Formation (Northern Italy, Lake Garda).
  • PICOTTI V. and COBIANCHI M., 1996 - Jurassic periplatform sequences of the Eastern Lombardian Basin (Southern Alps). The deep-sea record of the tectonic evolution, growth and demise history of a carbonate platform.
  • DALLA VECCHIA F.M. and RUSTIONI M., 1996 - Mammalian trackways in the Conglomerato di Osoppo (Udine, NE Italy) and their contribution to its age determination.
  • MUTTI E., DAVOLI G., TINTERRI R. and ZAVALA C., 1996 - The importance of Ancient Fluvio-Deltaic Systems Dominated by Catastrophic Flooding in Tectonically Active Basins.
  • TUCKER J.K. and GATTO R., 1996 - The authorship and publication date of Pseudotoma bonellii auctt. (Gastropoda: Turridae s.l.) with nomenclatural notes on other turrid species.
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