1999, volume 51, n. 1

Volume 51/1, 1999(1999)

   3rd Workshop on Alpine Geological Studies : Biella - Oropa, September 29th - October 1st 1997

  • FRISCH W., BRÜGEL A., DUNKL I., KUHLEMANN J. and SATIR M., 1999 - Post-collisional large-scale extension and mountain uplift in the Eastern Alps.
  • SEWARD D., FORD M. BÜRGISSER J., LICKORISH H., WILLIAMS E.A. and MECKEL L.D. (III), 1999 - Preliminary results of fission-track analyses in the Southern Pelvoux area, SE France.
  • CANNIC S., MUGNIER J.-L. and LARDEAUX J.-M., 1999 - Neogene extension in the western Alps.
  • FANTONI R., BERSEZIO R., FORCELLA F., GORLA L., MOSCONI A. and PICOTTI V., 1999 - New dating of the Tertiary magmatic products of the central Southern Alps, bearings on the interpretation of the Alpine tectonic history.
  • CAPUTO R., STEFANI M. and DAL PIAZ G., 1999 - Contractional and  transcurrent tectonics in the Marmolada group (Dolomites, Italy).
  • BERRA F. and JADOUL F., 1999 - Stratigraphy, paleogeography and tectonic setting of the Norian succession of the Ortles Nappe (Central Austroalpine, Lombardy, Northern Italy).
  • DE DONATIS S. and FALLETTI P., 1999 - The Early Triassic Servino Formation of the Monte Guglielmo area and relationships with the Servino of Trompia and Camonica Valleys (Brescian Prealps, Lombardy).
  • SCIUNNACH D., GARZANTI E., POSENATO R. and RODEGHIERO F., 1999 - Stratigraphy of the Servino Formation (Lombardy, Southern Alps): towards a  refined correlation with the Werfen Formation of the Dolomites.
  • BALAZS E. and KONCZ I., 1999 - Contribution to thermal evolution of Southern Alps and paleogeographically adjacent areas based on vitrinite reflectance data.
  • ORTNER H. and REITER F., 1999 - Kinematic history of the Triassic South of the Inn Valley (Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria) - Evidence for Jurassic and Late Cretaceous large scale normal faulting.
  • STAMPFLI G.M. and MOSAR J., 1999 - The making and becoming of Apulia.
  • DAL PIAZ G.V., 1999 - The Austroalpine-Piedmont nappe stack and the puzzle of Alpine Tethys
  • BUTLER R.W.H. and FREEMAN S.R., 1999 - Dating Alpine shear zones - using Rb-Sr geochronology on white mica - to gain greenschist deformation ages in the western Alps.
  • SCHWEINEHAGE R. and MASSONNE H.-J., 1999 - Geochemistry and metamorphic evolution of metabasites from the Silvretta nappe, Eastern Alps.
  • BORGHI A., GATTIGLIO M., MONDINO F: and ZACCONE Gp., 1999 - Structural and metamorphic evidence of pre-Alpine basement in the Ambin nappe (Cottian Alps, Italy).
  • SPALLA M.I. and GOSSO G., 1999 - Pre-Alpine tectonometamorphic units in the central Southern Alps: structural and metamorphic memory.
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