1999, volume 51, n. 2

Volume 51/2, 1999(1999)

  • BERRA F., 1999 - Geometry of the Alpisella thrust surface (Ortles and Quattervals Nappes, Austroalpine, Italy): evidence of base thrust to lateral ramp transition.
  • MALARODA R., 1999 - L’Argentera meridionale - Memoria illustrativa della   “Geological Map of Southern Argentera Massif (Maritime Alps) 1:25.000".
  • STÖSSEL I., 1999 - Rudists and Carbonate Platform evolution: the Late Cretaceous Maiella Carbonate Platform Margin, Abruzzi, Italy.
  • BOCK P.E. and COOK P.L., 1999 - Notes on Tertiary and Recent ‘Lunulite’ Bryozoa from Australia.


    Fission track analysis: theory and applications - MARTIN S. and POLINO R.

- Foreword

  • ABBATE E., MARTIN S. and ZUFFA G.G., 1999 - Fission track analysis: theory and applications.

- Keynote Lecture

  • HURFORD A.J. - The real plus and minus of FT analysis.

- Abstracts

  • ABBATE E., BALESTRIERI M.L. and BIGAZZI G. - A case of application of fission track analysis to rifting areas: data from the Eritrean Plateau and Escarpment.
  • BALESTRIERI M.L., BIGAZZI G., BISTACCHI A., MARTIN S., MASSIRONI M., POLINO R. and ZATTIN M. - Investigation on brittle tectonics in a collisional nappe-stack (NW Alps) using the fission track analysis.
  • BARBERO L. - Post-Variscan exhumation of the Montes de Toledo Area (Hercynian Iberian Belt, Spain) revealed by apatite fission track analysis.
  • BERNET M., ZATTIN M., GARVER J. and BRANDON M.T. - Exhumation of the European Alps revealed through FT-ages of detrial zircon.
  • BIGAZZI G. - Alternative track-counting strategies: short notes on precision and accuracy.
  • BIGOT-CORMIER F., POUPEAU G., SOSSON M., STEPHAN J.F., LABRIN E., ZIAD N. and SCHWARTZ S. -  Fission track record and exhumation rates of the Argentera external crystalline massif (Western Alps, France-Italy).
  • BRIX M.R., HURFORD A.J., STOCKHERT B. and THOMSON S.N. - New apatite and zircon fission track data on the uplift of high-pressure rocks in the Western Alps.
  • DUNKL I. - Trackkey - a windows program for processing fission track data.
  • GARVER J.I., SOLOVIEV A.V., KAMP P.J.J. and BRANDON M.T. - Detrital zircon fission track thermochronology: practical considerations and examples.
  • HANSEN K. and KENT BROOKS C. - The thermal anomaly below Kangerlussuaq, East Greenland: a magmatic signature?
  • LISKER F. - The Prince Charles Mountains in East Antarctica: cratonic exhumation, rifting - and then?
  • RAHN M.K. and SEWARD D. - 30 years of FT research in the Central Alps: growth of understanding on how an orogen is exhumed and eroded.
  • SCHWARTZ S., LARDEAUX J.-M., POUPEAU G., TRICART P., LABRIN E. - Contrasted cooling ages revealed tracks analysis in the Schistes Lustrés of Cottian Alps: tectonic consequences.
  • SEWARD D., GRUJIC D. and SCHREURS G. - Exhumation history of the E-Madagascar continental margin: inferences from apatite fission track analysis.
  • STOCKHERT B., BRIX M.R., HURFORD A.J. and THOMSON S.N. - Differential exhumation along the Ahrntal transect, Eastern Alps.
  • THOMSON S.N. and HERVE' F. - Fission track thermochronology of the Southern Chilean Andes in the region of the Chile Triple Junction and Liquine-Ofqui fault zone (42° to 48° s): a preliminary report.
  • TRAUTWEIN B., DUNKL I. and FRISCH W. - Successive accretion and differential exhumation along the Eastern Alpine front: evidences from apatite fission track data of the Rhenodanubian flysch zone.
  • VANCE J.A. - Zircon fission track evidence for a Jurassic (Tethyan) thermal event in the Western Alps.
  • VENTURA B. and PINI G.A. - Constraining the time of displacement along faults with apatite fission tracks. An example from the Mt. Cervarola Sandstones (northern Apennines, Italy).
  • VIOLA G., FUGENSCHUH B., SEWARD D. and MANCKTELOW N.S. - Thermal and kinematic history of the Austroalpine units west of the Tauern window.
  • ZATTIN M. - Potentialities of apatite fission track analysis applied to sedimentary successions with a burial history in the Partial Annealing Zone.

 - Excursion Guide and Field Trips  

  1. MARTIN S., POLINO R. and ZATTIN M. - Western Alps: from the orogenic wedge to the surface.
  2. BISTACCHI A. and MASSIRONI M. - Brittle Tectonics in the Pennine-Graian Alps.
  3. PERELLO P. and PIANA F. - The Penninic Frontal Thrust zone in the Courmayeur region: evidence of ductile to brittle structural evolution.
  4. GUERMANI A. - Exhumation of Helvetic basement beneath the Penninic front: the Mont Blanc example.
  5. GIANOTTI F. - Geological and geomorphological evidence for the Aosta - Ranzola fault along the Aosta Valley.

- Field Trips

  • MARTIN S., POLINO R. and ZATTIN M. - Valsavaranche section:exhumation of the Penninic nappe pile.
  • BISTACCHI A. MASSIRONI M. and GIANOTTI F. - Aosta-Ranzola fault system.
  • PERELLO P., PIANA F., GUERMANI A. and FUGENSCHUH B. - Penninic front: recent tectonic activity along and across the Alpine belt.
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