2001, volume 53

Volume 53, 2001(2001)

  • DI PAOLA S., SPALLA M.I. and GOSSO G., 2001 - New sructural mapping and metamorphic evolution of the Domaso Cortafò Zone (Southern Alps - Lake Como).
  • PICCOLI G., 2001 - New studies on the Cenozoic fossil fauna of Nanggulan (Java Indonesia): forewod.
  • PICCOLI G. and PREMONOWATI, 2001 - New studies about molluscs from Eocene of Nanggulan (Java, Indonesia).
  • GRANDESSO P., 2001 - Contribution to biostratigraphy of the Nanggulan Formation (Java) based on planktonic foraminifera.
  • BAZZACCO M., 2001 - Revision of a Middle Eocene mollusc assemblage of Nanggulan (Java, Indonesia), with discovery of a new species of Solen and proposal of a new name for a Ptychocerithium species.
  • POZZOBON Mg., 2001 - Some Eocene molluscs from Nanggulan and a new species of Cyclina (Bivalvia) in the Miocene mollusc assemblage from Panggang (Java, Indonesia).
  • ROLANDO A., 2001 - The new species Terebellum olympiae  n. sp. (Gastropoda, Seraphidae) from the Middle Eocene mollusc assemblage of Nanggulan (Yogokarta province, Java, Indonesia).
  • SCOLARI F., 2001 - The new species Sundabittium shutoi from the Middle Eocene of Nanggulan (Java, Indonesia).
  • ZACCHELLO M., 2001 - The Eocene stratigraphic sequence of Nanggulan and the levels reported by K. Martin.
  • ZAMPARINI M., 2001 - Some molluscs and foraminifers from the Eocene-Oligocene of Nanggulan (Java, Indonesia).
  • FORNASIERO Mg., 2001 -  Eocene mollusc species known from Nanggulan (Java) newly found in Malawa (Sulawesi).
  • BRAGA Gp., 2001 - Occurence of Cenozoic Bryozoa in Nanggulan and elsewhere in the Indonesian Archipelago.
  • PICCOLI G., 2001 - Dedication to S. Sartono.
  • CIARANFI N., PASINI G. and RIO D. (eds), 2001 - The Meeting on the Plio-Pleistocene Boundary and the lower/middle Pleistocene transition: type areas and sections (Bari, 25-29 September 2000).
  • CIARANFI N., D'ALESSANDRO A., GIRONE A., MAIORANO P., MARINO M., SOLDANI D. and STEFANELLI S., 2001 - Plesitocene sections in the Montalbano Jonico area and the potential GSSP for Early-Middle Pleistocene in the Lucania Basin (Southern Italy).
  • MASSARI F., RIO D., SGAVETTI M., ASIOLI A., BACKMAN J., CAPRARO L., D'ALESSANDRO A., FORNACIARI E., PROSSER G., 2001 - The Middle Pleistocene of the Crotone basin.
  • PASINI Gc. and COLALONGO M.L., 2001 - The Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary-stratotype and the proposed Santernian/Emilian boundary-stratotype (lower Pleistocene) at the Vrica Section (Calabria, Southern Italy).
  • McKINNEY F.K., WEBB F.JR. and McKINNEY M.J., 2001 - Middle Ordovician   infratidal Bryozoan-dominated microreefs (Bowen Formation, Southwestern Virginia, USA).
  • BOCK P.E. and COOK P.L., 2001 - The genus Macrocamera Gordon and d’Hondt (Bryozoa, Cheilostomata) from Australia.
  • DAL PIAZ G.V., 2001 - Commemorazione di Giulio Elter.
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