The participating groups and individuals at present are:
Institution   Person task

Dipartimento di Geoscienze,
Università di Padova
(The Heavy Metal Group)

Gilberto Artioli coordination
Anna Addis sample preparation and analysis
Ivana Angelini metal analysis and metallography
Paolo Omenetto deposits and data interpretation
Paolo Nimis sampling and sample analysis, data interpretation
ARCA Gruppo Archeologico Agordino Gabriele Bernardi sampling
Gabriele Fogliata sampling
Maurizio Olivotto sampling
NATUR Museo di Scienze Naturali dell'Alto Adige Benno Baumgarten sampling
ICEMAN Museo Archeologico dell'Alto Adige Günter Kaufmann sampling, objects
UNINSUBRIA Dipartimento di Chimica Analitica,
Università dell'Insubria
Sandro Recchia coordination
Barbara Giussani data treatment and statistical analysis
Marcello Marelli sample analysis
BERN Isotopengeologie Institut für Geologie, Universität Bern Igor Villa sample analysis

The following Institutions are collaborating in sampling or in the selection of the metal objects, slags, and data intepretation: