avviso seminario da parte del Prof. Fontana

Martedì 17 Aprile 2018 alle ore 10:30 in Aula 2H Tatiana Izquierdo

terrà il seminario dal titolo:


"Floods in the southern Atacama Desert, as extraordinary as were thought?"

During the extraordinary hydro‐meteorological event that occurred in

March 24 - 26, 2015 more than 80 mm of rain fall in some areas of the

Atacama Region causing flashfloods that affected the whole Region. One

of the most damaged cities was Copiapó where more than 72% of the

urban area was affected. After the event the research group started to

work in the understanding of the Copiapó river system and the factors

that control floods in the city. The main goals of the COPIFLOOD

project are to study the flood hazard in the Copiapó basin and to

understand the hydrological behavior of the system during extreme

events using different records (instrumental, historical and

geological) and methodologies.


CV Tatiana Izquierdo - University of Atacama, Copiapó (Chile)

Tatiana Izquierdo is assistant professor in Copiapó (Chile) at the

University of Atacama, where she has focused her research on floods

and is part of a multidisciplinary research group involved in the

study of natural hazards, water resources, stratigraphy and

sedimentology. She obtained the PhD in Madrid (2011) in Environmental

Science and Technology with a thesis about hydrogeology of volcanic

islands and she worked in the Canaries, Azores and Galápagos.

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