Make it or break it! A career in the academia and the oil business: tips and suggestions on what’s out there.

Martedì, 17 Maggio, 2016 - 16:30
Aula Arduino
Matteo Gennaro

Although the news is full of stories about recession and unemployment, the demand for geologists is stronger than in most other business sectors. Together with the environmental sector, the academia and mineral resources branches represent the main sources of employment for young graduates worldwide. Initially, we will examine the early career stage of a geologist in the academia: from the last years as a master students to a PhD degree, as this represent the first steps for a future career in the oil and gas sector or as a researcher in the university. The seminar will then develop around the role of a geologist in the Norwegian oil and gas business, with particular focus on the tasks of young graduates in the reservoir and exploration departments. Suggestions on how to prepare your CV, screening interviews and how to be successful in the early hiring phase will conclude the seminar.

ENI Norge
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Avvio al lavoro
Massimiliano Ghinassi
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