Tsunamis and Oceanic Volcanoes: examples from the Atlantic

Giovedì, 24 Gennaio, 2013 - 16:30
Aula Arduino
Prof José Madeira

Tsunamis were obscure natural phenomena to most non-specialists up to the recent events of 2004 (in Sumatra) and 2011 (in Japan). The tragic dimension of those events, their impact in the media, its world-wide broadcast, and the abundance of images contributed to the fact that most of the world population is now aware of the destructive capacity of this type of phenomenon. Tsunamis can be generated by several processes, some of which related to the evolution of oceanic islands.

Some examples of pre-historical and historical tsunami deposits from Atlantic islands (Cape Verde, Canary Islands and Azores), triggered by different processes, will be presented. The chosen cases exemplify the dimensions and the hazard associated to this type of geological events

Dipartimento di Geologia - Universita' di Lisbona
Anna Maria Fioretti
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