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My research is mainly focused on geodynamic and tectonic evolution of convergent settings (Alps, Apennines, Carpathians, Anatolia region) through application of thermochronological techniques. These methods allow quantifying exhumation and denudation rates through time and space, offering clues to geomorphic evolution and constraints for a better understanding of the climate-tectonics feedbacks.  Other active research is based on detrital thermochronology to study the exhumational history of the Transantarctic Mountains.


Director of the Earth Sciences PhD Program 



"Introduction to Earth Sciences", 1st year of degree in Science and Technologies for the Environment

"Petroleum Geology", 1st year of degree in Georesources

"Basin Analysis", 1st year of degree in Georesources

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Benedetta Andreucci: 2010-present, "Tectonic evolution of the Western Carpathians".

Ada Castelluccio: 2011-present, "Tectonothermal evolution of the Central-Western Carpathians"




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