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Recent books:

Scientific methods and cultural heritage
(Oxford University Press) 2010

OUP volume

Fundamentals of crystallography (3rd Edition)C. Giacovazzo (ed.)(Oxford University Press) 2011

IUCr volume

Catalogo Mostra CRISTALLI! 2014

Recent books:

Synchrotron radiation - Basics, methods and applications. S. Mobilio, C. Meneghini (eds.)
(Springer) 2015

Springer volume

Earth Sciences for cultural heritage
G. Artioli, S. Quartieri (eds.)
Elements, Feb 2016


Encyclopedia of Geoarchaeology
A.S. Gilbert (ed.)(Springer) 2017,2020

Springer volume

Recent books:

Archaeological soil and sediment micromorphology
C. Nicosia, G. Stoops (eds.)(Wiley) 2017


Cementitious materials
H. Poellmann (ed.)(De Gruyter) 2017

cementitious materials

Argenti di Marengo-Contesto e materiali
E. Micheletto, M. Venturino (eds.)(LineLab) 2017

Recent books:

Conservation of the architectural surfaces in the Tablinum of the House of the Bicentenary, Herculaneum. Project report. Phase I. L. Rainer, K. Graves, S. Maekawa, M. Gittins, F. Piqué (eds.)(GCI) 2017


The Encyclopedia of Archaeological Sciences. S. Lopez Varela (ed.)(Wiley) 2019


Concrete: Case Studies in Conservation Practice. Conserving Modern Heritage Series. Croft C., Macdonald S., Ostergren G (eds.)(GCI) 2019

GCI Concrete

Recent books:

International Tables for Crystallography. Volume H: Powder Diffraction. Gilmore C.J., Kaduk J.A., Schenk H. (eds.)(IUCr) 2019

The contribution of mineralogy to cultural heritage. EMU Notes in Mineralogy Vol. 20. Artioli G., Oberti R. (eds.)(EMU) 2019

emu 20

Smart nanoconcretes. Liew M.S. et al. (eds.)(Elsevier) 2020


Recent books:

Comics & Science “The crystal issue” 2021


Cole D.R., Ross N.L. (eds.) Exploring Earth and Planetary Materials with Neutrons. Elements June 2021

Salvadori M., Bernard E., Zamparo L., Baggio M. (eds.) “Beyond forgery – Collecting, authentication and protection of cultural heritage” (Padova University Press) 2022

Recent books:

Tribaudino M., Vollprecht D., Pavese A. (eds.) Proceedings of the EMU School 2022 on “Minerals and waste recovery: An Anthropocene tale”. (Springer Nature) 2023

Book cover


Encyclopedia of Archaeology. E. Nikita, T. Rehren (eds.)(Academic Press) 2024

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