Massironi Matteo

Matteo Massironi took the degree in Geology in 1994 at Padua University and gained the PhD in “Space Science and Technology” in 1998, working on Satellite Remote-Sensing applications for geological mapping and structural geology. In 2000 he got the “Giusppe and Paolo Gatto” award of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei for his post-doctoral studies on the Italian Alps. Since December 2002 he has been a lecturer at Padua University. He has been involved in several cartographic and field survey projects in Italy (Alps), North Africa (Anti Atlas Belt, Morocoo) and South America (Sierra Pampeanas and Payunia) and he contributed to the field surveys and structural analysis conducted for the Brenner Basis Tunnel project. He is the project scientist for the SIMBIOSYS-STC of the Bepi-Colombo mission to Mercury and Associate Scientist for the OSIRIS-WAC of the Rosetta Mission. His research interests include Alpine tectonics, geo-structural analysis of fault zones, structural control on deep seated slope deformations, planetary surface geology and geomorphology, relative and absolute model age determination of geological units on planetary surfaces.


Earth sciences

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Planetary sciences
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