Mazzoli Claudio

Curriculum Vitae

I obtained my degree in Earth Sciences at the University of Padua in 1987, became lecturer at the same University in 1990 and have been working as an associate professor in Petrology and Petrography since December 2002. Currently, my teaching activity includes courses in Applied Petrography, Optical Microscopy and Field Geology for Bachelor and Master degrees in Earth Sciences. I am interested in the research field of the applied petrography with focus on the following topics: characterise pottery, mortar, plaster and stone materials from different sites in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Spain, Italy, investigating in archaeometric studies for provenance and productive technology assessment; analyse stone decay; design new building materials using waste products from industrial activities in a concept of circular economy; analyse petrography and geochemistry of carbonates with palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental purposes (proxies based on calcifying organisms) from different geographic areas (Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic and Southern Oceans, Antarctica); apply microprobe methods based on proton beam to the geosciences (e.g. for geochemical dating of monazite); study metamorphic petrology of crystalline basements. I am presently the UNIPD Partner leader in the HYPERION Project (, a 4-year EC Funded project that aims to leverage existing tools/services and novel technologies to deliver an integrated resilience assessment platform, addressing multi-hazard risk understanding, better preparedness, faster, adapted and efficient response, and sustainable reconstruction of historic areas. I am also involved in the following PNRA (Antarctic Research National Program) Projects: Geochemical signals in Antarctic Biogenic Carbonates for Paleoceanographic Reconstructions (GRACEFUL); Source and impact of greenhouse gasses in Antarctica (SENECA); Bioconstructional organisms from the Ross Sea under Climate Change: ecosystems and ‘oasis’ of biodiversity to monitor and protect (BIOROSS). He is author/co-author of 128 peer-reviewed articles in international journals and books, 81 of which in ISI journals, with 1483 citations and h-index 20 (source: Scopus, April 20, 2021).

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